Assignment 2:

The Critical Analysis Paper involves first completing the “Rate your Global Management Potential” (Daft, 2014, p. 130). The scores will be applied when completing the Integration section of your paper. Next, you need to review the case, “We Want More Guitars” (Daft, 2014, p. 132).   Using the insight you gained from reading the “GLOBE Project Value Dimensions” (Daft, 2014, p. 120), provide an assessment / analysis of the global management potential of the parties involved in the “We Want More Guitars” case study.

Assignment 3:

Analysis for Effective Planning. The Analysis for Effective Planning Paper involves a couple exercises to be completed and then discussed within your paper. First, complete the activity on page 237 (Daft, 2014). Interpret your scores as to what they mean for you in terms of identifying your strengths and capabilities. Next, complete the SWOT diagram by answering Steps 1-7 – DO NOT ANSWER STEP 5 – DO NOT INTERVIEW ANYONE. Follow the steps by starting with identifying a company (It does not have to be your company, and then consider each step’s questions. Remember, you are thinking about the Internal Strengths and Weaknesses of a company and then the External Opportunities and Threats,;) The terms and concepts will become clearer after listening to the strategies discussed in the seminar! This assignment again calls for a 4 page paper (not counting the title and references pages) and 2 peer-reviewed, academic journal articles from Kaplan’s Virtual Library.

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