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Watch the following ABC news program video that debunks the theory that racial discrimination is rare in the U.S. The video shows discrimination in work, housing, and consumer affairs using hidden cameras. It compares how two 28-year old males with the same education, income, and marital status are treated in various walks of life. The hidden cameras and camera crew followed the two “testers” around St. Louis for 22 weeks (a Black man named Glenn, and a White man named John). 






In your discussion, answer the following questions:


  1. Do you think the discrimination shown in this film is typical?
  2. Were you surprised by anything you saw?
  3. How did you feel while you were watching?
  4. Researchers can document discrimination in laboratory and field experiments, but how do you know in daily life whether it’s taking place?
  5. If research suggests that racial discrimination is widespread, why do so many majority group members believe the playing field is level?
  6. The video focused on discrimination against Black people, but what about other racial and ethnic groups — how much day-to-day discrimination do they face?
  7. How do you think the level of discrimination in the U.S. compares with what might be found in other countries?
  8. If the testers in the video had been female and male rather than Black and White, do you think they would have encountered much gender discrimination?
  9. This video was published in 1992, how if at all has anything changed?

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