Resource: Business Analysis – Learning Team Review and Recommendations Grading Guide

This assignment provides the Learning Team with an opportunity to examine a team member’s analysis in greater detail. By this time in the course, you have been exposed to the basic ideas of data analysis, have looked at multiple sources of data, and have learned how the data can be used within a data analysis program like SAS® Visual Analytics. Each member of the Learning Team will benefit from sharing recommendations and applying these ideas to their own analyses. 

Select an organization from one of your individual team members’ analyses in Week 4. 

Write a review of the analysis in a minimum of 525 words and include the following:

· An analysis of the effectiveness of the selected metrics.

· Recommended measurements or additional data that you feel would be useful to analyze.

· At least two recommendations for additional analyses that could be performed on the available data, based upon your understanding of the capabilities of SAS® Visual Analytics.

· An evaluation of the preliminary results and recommendations provided in the original analysis.

Format assignment consistent with APA guidelines.

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