W4 Discussion “The Opt-In Statement”




Assume you are working for a company that sells music online. The marketing department would like to send e-mails to customers who have purchased music from the Web site. These e-mails would use information about the genres of music customers have purchased in the past and would offer those discounts on new releases in those genres. Discuss your thoughts/feelings about marketing managers using an opt-in statement for permission to send such emails that would appear when customers make their first purchase. Should all businesses/organizations have the opt-in statement? Or should they only have an opt-out statement in which you are automatically enrolled unless you accept/check the out-out statement? 300 words for initial posts and 75-150 words for follow up posts.




Sylvester Lloyd 


Marketing managers using an opt-in statement would be the best thing to do in this case because of his or her position as a leader in business to ensure frequent customers as well as new customers are communicated to when being targeted. Having permission is always the way to go when it comes to customers to avoid any negative feedback not having permission to send e-mails purchase. Example: there have been many times I am targeted only because I gave permission to be informed of anything new coming out for purchase and it is a benefit using the opt-in email from marketing managers getting first hand on what’s coming out on the market. It is important to respect a person rights pertaining to having the option to receive phone calls, emails, from business or a person for that matter instead of these robust calls from telemarketing firms blowing up your phone daily which is very annoying but if permission is given, it’s different.


All businesses and organizations should have an opt-in statement in my opinion because of mainly respect and building your business for success and not automatically enrolled because this will open up doors for flooding calls being targeting.  




Edward Pagan 


Good Morning,


Social media baselines control now on these days pretty much everything, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram which involved a direct marketing communication way to advertise products, corporations and business, and individual purposes as well.  Direct Marketing indicates a way to expose which marketers precisely suggest their actual expected clients and current ones by email, websites, telephone, fliers.  The purpose of marketing in the business or corporations is to find new costumers or still get in touch with the current ones. Direct Marketing has some influence on expanded reach, but as well as some disadvantages like common channels by spammers which can result in a loss of clients and trust of the users. The use of the Opt-in and Opt-out part is kind of gathering the client’s information for marketing purposes.  Prior consent is a very crucial condition in a hidden specification before it will be given to the marketers in order to use the corporation, business or individual details like personal emails, phone numbers, place of living.  Opt-in is basically that the user gives authorization for using their information and might be contacted by email or a phone call.  Opt-out is the opposite but I had seen that even you click the Opt-out button, you still receive a lot of advertising emails for different types of companies.  

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