Branding, Positioning and Buyer Personas


For this week, create and post slides building on your Target Company project as follows:


Branding (1-2) Slides

Assess your company’s brand strategy relative to the readings and PPTs.   What is the brand personality? Are attitudes to the brand favorable?  Why or why not? What are the brand’s points of difference with other brands?  Why or why not?  Has the organization achieved the level of community engagement and fanaticism discussed by Chris Grams?


Positioning (1-2 slides)

Of the eight ways to position, which are your company using?  Provide evidence of these by including a link or copy of an ad in your slide.


Buyer Personas (1-2 slides)

Create a buyer persona for a key buyer in your target market.  This should be a real person in a real company who is a current or potential customer.  To do this, select an existing customer or a company you think would be a potential customer.  Then identify one person who would likely be on the buying team for your product or service.  You can often do this by looking on the company’s website, doing Google and LinkedIn searches.  List key characteristics you would include in your buyer persona.


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