You are assessing a real multinational corporation (MNC) by the standards of “best practice” for international management as presented in your course readings.

Describe the nature of Bombardier’s international operations in general, its specific interests in Thailand, its strategies. Research the implementation problems that it has encountered in Thailand.

Indicate, to the extent that data are available, how those problems were dealt with. Identify the general management, finance, accounting, marketing and human resources practices of Bombardier: How does local culture and geography impact strategy, organization, and operations?

The specific Issues/topics you choose for analysis will depend on the industry and country you selected. Choose the ones you think are the most important problems/issues the real MNC faces in the country you selected. Here is the topic/issue for analysis:

Strategy: Briefly analyze the strategy (industry, products, markets, core competencies). What types of entry modes did Bombardier use in Thailand? Does the mode(s) fit the Bombardier’s goals and objectives? What is the Bombardier’s competition in Thailand? Are there local partners?

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