Health and healing traditions of both the Black/African American population and White American populations persist even after their immigration to what is presently now called the United States of America. These health and healing traditions have diverse influences and are directly related to their geographical origins, which are related to their points of embarkation and final destination. Thus, Black/African Americans will have been influenced by their ancestors’ health and healing traditions from Africa, the Caribbean, and then the United States, while White Americans will have been influenced by their ancestors’ health and healing traditions both from Europe and then later on in the United States. (Note that these populations’ health and healing traditions were also influenced by indigenous populations in the Americas as well.) For this discussion in 600 words or more answer the following questions:


  • 1. Compare and contrast the use of healing traditions among Black/African-Americans with their White American counterparts.
  • 2. Select three unconventional healing traditions that Black/African-Americans and White Americans use to treat illness. How are these healing traditions different? How are they similar? What are the origins or influences of these healing traditions?
  • 3. Are the above healing traditions you discussed accepted by conventional or biomedicine? Why or why not? Are any of these therapies considered an alternative? If so, why and who considers it alternative?
  • 4. How do these healing traditions you discussed affect the individual? In your response, consider how these two populations define and regard the concept of health and illness and their concept of the human being (i.e., holism, reductionism, magico-realism, metaphysical etc.).

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