Go to the NTSB (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. and select one aviation accident report that particularly interests you that also involves a cockpit automation issue. Review the Factual Information Chapter (not the Analysis, Conclusions, or Recommendations chapters) of the Full Report (not the Summary). Then analyze and evaluate the cockpit automation – human interaction issues that were present in the cockpit prior to the accident. Finally, creatively apply the concepts you learned in the previous modules for improving aviation safety by identifying the liveware and hardware elements which are automation sensitive and develop a mitigation plan that might have prevented this accident. As always, support your work with a reliable source (s).

For this case analysis you will create a PowerPoint Presentation, just as you would if you were presenting this information to group of colleagues. Use the "Slide Notes" feature of PowerPoint to create the text of your presentation, similar to the text you have written for previous module case analysis.

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