Please have a read through the contet provided below and answer the question with relevant references.

Context – In every organization, the key role of management is to ensure that stakeholder’s mission and vision are fully achieved. In this case, the stakeholder is mainly the shareholders/owners of the organization, government, community at large, creditors, debtors and any party who has an interest in the organization (Nankervis, Miyamoto, Taylor, & Smith, 2005, p. 69). Starbucks is a well-renowned coffee company in the UK. The company was established in the year 1998 and has grown extensively in the market where it has acquired 65 coffee stores in the UK. Starbuck mission statement is to inspire and nurture human spirit, one person, one cup and one neighborhood at a time. This is a broad management role, which covers all the interest of the stakeholders of the organization.

The management has to ensure a quality coffee production, which does not only satisfy the customers but also ensure a stronger competitive edge is achieved. The company management ensures maintenance of the coffee standards as a way of creating a strong cohesion between the company and its customers, who ensures the diversification and growth through improved performance (Michelli, 2006, p. 8). Nonetheless, it is fundamental to the company management to ensure that the living standard of the community is improved. In this sense, the company management recognizes the interest of the society at large, through the provision of a favorable environment, the creation of jobs and involvement in the community affairs (Simmons, 2012, pp. 156-157). This provides growth to the company through the creation of a ready market for the community at large, who also acts as advertising agents of the company products. It is specifically clear that the company management role wholly covers all the interests of the stakeholders at large. The mission of the company has built a room where every stakeholder's interest is fully considered.

Under Harold Schultz's leadership (for the 2nd time around) there have been reasonably successful times. It also seems that Schultz may be forwarded as a nominee for the Republican Party's Presidential Candidate next time around.

Anyway, you've identified a range of stakeholders Starbucks needs to consider, there are probably several others. 

Question – Of all these activities, how far do you see it possible/realistic/desirable for Starbucks or any other organisation, to have one primary objective?

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