Will Provided Additional Info. 1. Debate It: Take a position for or against this statement: It is better to be approximately right than exactly wrong. Provide at least two reasons and one hypothetical example to support your position. 2.From the case study, Case 4.2, and Box 4.1, analyze the history of MARTA and data receipts. Then, recommend an equitable policy for the generation of sufficient revenue to maintain and expand the system. Provide at least two reasons to support your proposal. Hypothesize at least two objections to the policy. 3.Explain at least two ways institutional, temporal, and historical contexts of forecasts affect their accuracy. 4. Describe a real or hypothetical situation that requires someone to make a policy decision. Then, select one of the three approaches to forecasting to apply: extrapolative, theoretical, or judgmental. Provide at least two reasons for your selection of the forecasting approach.

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