Best And Worst Instructions

In about 2 d/s typed or written pages each, I would like you to write about the worst and best instructions (or directions) you’ve ever received with something you bought. In one document, write about the worst instructions. In another document, write about the best instructions—briefly explain what you liked/disliked. In my own case, the worst instructions I have ever received were for a portable gas grill. By far, the best were for a bookcase from Ikea.  The instructions can be ones you used for assembling furniture, a computer, an appliance etc. It can even be for something like coloring your hair, doing some arts and crafts project.   


Visuals include:
Any visuals or graphics used to clarify the instructions. You need to evaluate how effective or useful they are. 

Level of detail:
How descriptive or detailed they instructions are. Conversely, this could be poorly detailed or developed. 


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