Based on the information provided in Chapter 3 of the Kotter textbook regarding urgency, evaluate the level of urgency in the organization where you are currently employed or one where you were employed by identifying at least two sources of complacency. Then, discuss how this level of urgency affected the culture of your team, division, and / or company.

Provide at least two examples of strategies that you could implement to either increase or decrease the level of urgency in the change management process in the organization identified in the first part of this discussion. Then, determine what the impact of each strategic example would be on the change process of an actual initiative or one you create.

From the e-Activity, select an organization that was discussed in one of the articles. Present its rationale for change, identify the environmental pressures the company was or is facing, and explain how the company addressed those pressures. Evaluate the effectiveness of the leadership and management practices.

Describe at least two organizational pressures faced by the organization and explain how those pressures may have impacted the change process. Then, provide a recommendation to mitigate the potential fallout of one of the pressures. Discuss how the recommendation would advance the process.

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