Type: Coursework

Subject: Accounting

Topic: Auditing

Style: MLA

Number of pages: 7 pages/double spaced (1925 words)

PowerPoint slides: 0

Additional: None

Number of source/references: 6

Include : Abstract page

Order instructions:

I have attatched the report question as it is quite alot to type. If any issues you can message. (apologies for the huge amounts) Also I have been provided sources to use for this report which i will also attatch.


Only needs to be 1800 words


Your report should:

 Present a balanced discussion of the issues.

 Consist of logical arguments leading to conclusions supported by references and /or convincing arguments thus avoiding unsupported assertions and value judgements.

 Be written clearly and concisely with your own arguments forming a clear structure throughout.

 Be in your own words, with the exception of quotations which should be clearly identified as such and should be used sparingly.

 Answer the precise question set.


Finally i would just need a list of the sorces used at the end. Thanks

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