Your assignment is to write a paper of no more than one page (and, preferably, no more than one paragraph) that presents an argument for a stance you hold. In other words, compose an argument where you want to persuade another to adopt the position you have on a topic. Use any type of argumentation we have studied in this unit (induction, deduction, by illustration, narration, description, refutation, from comparison, or from contraries.)

You can choose whatever topic interests you and allows you to make a strong argument. The point of the assignment is to reflect deeply on a topic that matters to you. If you need help selecting a topic, consult with your instructor. In general, a good strategy is to write on a topic you have discussed or argued about recently and that you consider important (or interesting, relevant, controversial, wrong headed, or strange).

Your paper has to focus on a single topic, so make sure that you have identified just one viewpoint on a specific topic that you want to write about. For instance, if you want to persuade others on your job that a specific project should have a specific deadline, focus just on this project. Then compose one type of argument (inductive, deductive, by contraries, etc.) that attempts to establish your point of view.

First: Identify your topic. Your sentence should be free of jargon (explain any jargon that is absolutely necessary) and get to the heart of the matter straightaway. Don

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