Assignment:  Ethical Considerations in information Technology Management

Detail:  Identify and research a current example of unethical corporate behavior in the realm of Information Technology Management.


Write a paper of approximately three to four pages (double-spaced) that discusses the following points:

  • Analyze and explain the conditions that precipitated the behavior.
  • Were there intellectual property issues as well as liability issues resulting from shared knowledge?
  • Propose specific steps that could have been taken from an IS perspective to have prevented this incident. Identify any specific ethical considerations which you think are especially important for leadership to take into account when managing knowledge and explain why these factors are so crucial?
  • How do you believe that the management of such issues will change in the next 5 years?  Use industry research to support your claims.

References:  Provide a minimum of three scholarly sources, which may consist of readings from your text and other selections.

Format: APA

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