This assignment counts for 15% of the unit’s assessment. The late penalty will be 10% per day. A submission will not be accepted five days after the deadline. You need to put down your student id and your name when you submit your assignment. A hard-copy submission can be placed in the assignment box C19 on the 5th floor of ERB, and a soft-copy submission can be submitted to the online eLearning system. You are responsible to make sure that your hard-copy is placed in the right assignment box, if you do so. If you submit both, we only mark your assignment on the hard-copy. The questions in this assignment ask for explanations. Answer all the questions. The explanations should be concise descriptions of your understanding. You should clearly show all the formulas you use, and all the steps followed to get your answers.1 Q-1: Consider the following scenario which is demonstrated in Figure 1a: Users A, B and C are in an institutional network with 20Mbps LAN. A server that holds two web pages, namely, “homework.html” and “project.html”, is connected to the institutional network with a 2Mbps link. The “homework.html” and “project.html” are both of size 1M bits. Specially, “homework.html” references 3 figures, each of which is 0.3M bits. The server supports only non-persistent HTTP. To download an object from the server, it needs totally 20,000 bits (including requests and responses) to create a TCP connection. A HTTP request is 10,000 bits, and a HTTP response is 10,000 bits plus the size of the object contained. Processing delay, queuing delay, and propagation delay are assumed to be 0 in this

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