Assignment 4: Practice Interviews: Selecting Your Client Athlete


Secure your volunteer client for the practice session interviews upcoming in Modules 2, 4, and 6.Your volunteer should not be a family member or someone with whom you have a close personal relationship. It is better if this person is more of an acquaintance. Choose an athlete in any sport at any level, who is open, friendly, engaging, and willing to volunteer for these three interviews.Explain that you will have three sessions with him or her, which will be transcribed by you and posted in your class. The first two sessions are fifteen minute sessions. In the session in Module 2, your purpose is simply to experience yourself interacting with a client in the first session. In later sessions, you’ll be practicing the variety of skills you have seen demonstrated in this course.In all sessions, you will be employing the steps and skills of an intake process, although you won’t be completing an entire formal intake assessment in this course.The tasks for these assignments are as follows:Find an athlete or another volunteer who is interested in helping you in this course.Explain that you will be completing three sessions with him or her and transcribing the sessions for later review in your course.Set the dates now for all sessions.Establish where you will meet and for how long.Have the athlete sign the release form provided for each session.Provide the volunteer with the scenario to follow in the upcoming sessions.Ask for help from your facilitator if necessary.Submit the description of your athlete (the kind of sport, the level, and the name she or he will be using for the purposes of the interview) to the submit it by the due date assigned to the Submissions Area. 

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