There are many theories behind the different counseling modalities. Some counselors will adhere to one specific theory, focusing treatment types to the tenets of that theory. Other counselors will adopt a more eclectic counseling foundation, drawing key ideas from multiple theories and combining many treatment types to suit their clients.


For this assignment, create a chart that outlines the following counseling theories: behavior theory, psychoanalytic theory, cognitive-behavioral theory, and person centered theory. For each theory, cover the following aspects:


Goals of therapy


Types of treatment


Theoretical explanation of where substance use or abuse stems from


Characteristics of the client that would be the best fit for this theory


Download a copy of the chart template which you can use to create your chart.


Once your chart is complete, address the following questions:


Describe the similarities and differences between the different therapeutic theories.


According to you, which approach or combination of approaches best fits you as a future counselor?

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