Assignment 2: Final Draft Effecting Positive Local Change in a Globalized World


Length: 7-8 pages Due: before lecture on Wednesday, September 5 (Week 5). Late penalties apply. Papers submitted after the final exam will not be accepted and will result in F for the course. Below is a list of the criteria your final draft should meet. Most important are the substantive aspects, such as the quality of your thesis and the appropriateness and strength of your evidence and sources, but the mechanical concerns—spelling, grammar, and so forth—also matter. You must also be very careful to give credit to all of your sources, even those you do not quote or paraphrase directly. Make sure that you check your final draft against both this handout and the Guidelines for MMW Papers. Your introductory paragraph(s) should include: An indication of your topic The scholarly and historical context of your research (demonstrate global context of the problem/issue) The problem and question you are addressing Your thesis statement An indication of the significance of your topic and question (the “so what?”) including a very brief reference to your action plan and how it might effect positive local change in a globalized world Your question should be: Open-ended Amenable to scholarly research Appropriate to the course concerns and the contemporary period 

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