This is an individual assignment that holds 10% of the course grade.

Assignment Overview: review of the literature on concepts within employee relations to provide a better understanding and future application of these concepts. Write an Essay on (Discipline and grievance, Dismissal and redundancy, and Employee voice) Use the chapters from your textbooks or the PowerPoint Slides on the VLE to guide your writing if needed 

Assignment Requirements: 
1.    Title Page
a.    Name, course, section, affiliation 

2.    An introduction paragraph 
a.    Outlining what the report will cover,
b.     Personal benefits gained from completing the assignment. 

3.    A section on one of the topics listed. Background information 
a.    Logical flow of information and analysis 
i.    Ex. Definition, examples, benefits, negatives 
b.    The use of 2 – 4 in -text citations per paragraph

4.     A section on the discussion of the topic. 
a.    Logical flow of information and discussion
b.    The use of 2 – 4 in -text citations per paragraph

5.    Conclusion 
a.    Personal Reflection
b.    Closing Paragraph

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