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Friedmann (2000) has produced three subjective criteria of a 'good city.' He has also stated that others can come up with their own different criteria. Think of three qualities that make a city 'good' in your opinion. Explain why they are important. You can use Friedmann's text as a guide to presenting your opinion with arguments. Next, select any Saudi city that you are familiar with and assess its 'goodness' according to the criteria that you have formulated.


MS Word document (no pdf please). 16 pages of text in 12 pt. Times New Roman font and 1.5 space on A4 size paper. Graphics can take extra page(s).

Divide the essay into sections, including an introduction in the beginning, and conclusion and references at the end. Section headers will have the same font and font size as the body but will be in bold typeface.

Follow APA standard style for citations and references.

Be careful about plagiarism. It must be 0 similar in Turn It In report.


Friedmann, J. (2000) "The Good City: In Defence of Utopian Thinking" International Journal of Urban and Regional Research, 24(2):460-472.


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