Assignment 1: Discussion Questions

Submit your response to the question to the appropriate Discussion Area by the due date assigned. 


Through the end of the module, comment on the responses of others.You will be attempting two discussion questions in this module worth 28 points each.Discussion Question 


1Confidence and PerformanceDescribe a time when you were extremely confident as an athlete yet performed poorly. Describe a time when you weren’t very confident yet played very well. 


Offer your best guess as to why your level of confidence did not predict your performance on the two occasions.



Evaluation Criteria for Discussion Question Response:Provided the detailed context of the two diverse experiences. 


[8 points]


Explained why your confidence could not predict your performance level on the two occasions. 


[8 points]Discussion Question 2Nine Sources of ConfidenceOf the nine sources of confidence (such as demonstration of ability, coach’s leadership, and so on) presented in this module, which ones did you rely on the most as an athlete during your playing days? 


Which ones did you draw from the least? How did these sources contribute (or not) to your confidence in yourself?


Evaluation Criteria for Discussion Question Response:Identified the nine sources of confidence you relied on the most and from which ones you drew the least


 [8 points]


Explained the contribution of these sources to your confidence. 


[8 points]All written assignments and responses should follow APA rules for attributing sources.



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