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Assignment 1

“Dianne Steinberg VE”.


  1. What is your list of appropriate differential diagnoses and why?

Diane Steinberg. Hx of Copd, 3 days of cough, dyspnea, fever, chest pain, fatigue, poor appetite, physical exam pulse oximetry 89%. On tachypnea with increased respiratory effort and use of accessory muscle of respiration. Lung auscultation demonstrated diffuse crackles over the right upper, middle, and lower lobes with scattered expiratory wheezes bilaterally. RR 24, temp 100.1. bp 112/62 hr

Community acquired pneumonia. This is the final diagnose, just need to be well documented in question 2. Use the rest of other as a differential diagnose.


Acute bronchitis



  1. What is the final diagnosis and what assessment findings serve to support this?
  2. What are the specific auscultation, palpation, and percussion findings of the lungs that are normal vs. abnormal?


Assignment 2.

Discussion Question 1

You will be providing care for patients of different cultures. Choose a diet that would be cultural specific for a patient with new onset of hypertension. Identify the culture of the patient and discuss how you would explain this diet to your patient. For example, how would you adapt the D-A-S-H (dietary approaches to stop hypertension) diet for a Hispanic patient?

Discussion Question 2

Briefly discuss the symptoms of right- and left-sided HF. What common primary care diagnoses result in the development of HF symptoms? Discuss the treatment of one of these common causes. What are some serious signs and symptoms of acute HF and the findings you may encounter during auscultation? When would you refer to cardiology for evaluation and treatment? Also discuss the criteria used to make a diagnosis of HF and interpretation of any diagnostic results that would be obtained. Consider your practicum experiences and discuss them as they relate to the topic.

Discussion Question 3

Discuss the definitions of ASD and VSD. What are the symptoms and the assessment findings you may encounter among children? What are the symptoms and physical examing findings from ascultation for each in adults? Briefly discuss treatment options for children and adults with ASD and VSD.

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