Assessment Task Two: EXCEL Problem Set
This is an individual assignment enabling students to demonstrate their understanding of mathematics and statistics as well as their ability to use commercially available statistical software. All problems are drawn from Croucher, Introductory Mathematics and Statistics, 6th Ed. (And 6th Ed. Revised), and are to be completed using EXCEL software.
Problems Assigned:
Chapter 1, Exercises 1.9, page 35 and 1:47 and 1:48, page 37.
Chapter 9, 9:46 Exercise, page 218.
Chapter 11, 11:27 Exercise, page 294.
Chapter 13, 13:17 Exercise, page 368.
Chapter 16, Exercise 16.65, page 495.
Chapter 17, Exercise 17.46, page 528.
Due date: 20 October 2017

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