Assessment Task  

Analytic Report: student learning needs

This task is designed for you to focus on the learning needs of the following group of students and to what degree curriculum supports their learning. 

Group: a class of 20 adult students, from a variety of language backgrounds. They have been assessed at Australian Core Skills Frameworks Level 1 in all core skills.

1. Outline the likely language, literacy and numeracy needs for these students: be specific. Include why they might need this program. (300 words) ( They are learners of English level 1 they want to achieve Australian Core Skills Framework in SEE Program.

2. Identify a program that has been designed to teach these students. (SEE program)  Analyse the main features of this program and to what degree these features address the learner needs that you have outlined. Identify weaknesses or areas that need further consideration for these particular learners. Justify with reference to the readings from the subject. (800 words)

3. Suggest what types of texts, materials or resources could be used to support the program. Justify this use with reference to the readings from the subject. (700 words) 

Ensure your writing maintains a formal, academic register with a minimum of 5 of attached books, all cited correctly and including page numbers for all ideas in the citations, directly quoted or paraphrased. 


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