Virginia M Axline: Dibs in search of self

Write a 3 page paper following the guidelines outlined in this handout.
1.Begin your paper with a short section entitled”Identifying Information” include a few short sentences describing Dibs . Here are some things you should include :age, gender.socioeconomic status, family structure, and were dibs attend school.
2.The next section should be entitled “Presenting Problems”. In this section, please identify Dib’s symptoms. Describe each symptom behaviorally, i.e. discuss the actual behavior that Dibs exhibits. Also, discuss each symptom in terms of intensity, frequency and severity.
3.Next write a section entitled”Risk and Protective factors” You can choose to reference other scholarly sources as well. please not use wikipedia, WedMD or Psychology today. Instead you can use college library to access psychology journals.
4Finally, include a section entitled “Personal reaction” Write a few sentences discussing your personal reaction to the Dibs book. at least half of a page include either a “Diagnoses” or “Assessment” section For diagnosis section use DSM-5 to identify which disorder most closely describes Dibs’ functioning. After identifying a disorder , include a short justification of why you chose this disorder. For the assessment section list three test( or other methods of assessment)that you think would be helpful to gain more insight into Dibs’ functioning. Discuss why you choose each method of assessment.

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