Format: A report with explanation of all steps and screen shots of data entry and outputs. All screenshots and copies of working out in the software should be pasted onto the report and submitted as one copy. See further instructions below.
Length: 2,000 words Curriculum Mode: Report
Q1. Describe brief the procedure recommended by the ISO to conduct LCA.
Q2. Download the student version of GaBi life cycle assessment software and complete the following project.
Conduct the life cycle assessment for ceramic bowl and plastic bowl. Students are expected to finalise this part with screenshots.
Q3. You will be given few options to choose from for conducting life cycle assessment.\
Your report should include estimated weight of each component, a well-defined functional unit, a balanced material flow diagram and impact analysis, hot spot identification, remedial measures, and feasibility of improvement options.
(Report structure will attract 5%)
GaBi student version software has to be downloaded by the student to their computer.

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