Assessment Brief 1
Written report: Policy in Action- Family and community
Length/Duration: 750-word Written Report
Assessment Purpose
The purpose of this task is to understand strategies in policy that seek to promote family and community involvement in the educative process. Through analysing such policy, you will gain an understanding of the importance of centre-community partnerships for children’s educational success.
Assessment Details
Quality early childhood education derives from partnerships between the educational setting, learners and community. Using the Victorian policy document (DET, 2016), The Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework (VEYLDF), you will:
1. Explore and identify key elements of the Framework’s policy on parent and community partnerships.
2. Briefly summarise the policy on parent and community involvement (What does it aim to achieve? What does it include?)
3. Identify and analyse one practical strategy, process or action in this policy that relates to parent and community involvement in the educative process and any gaps, silences or potential issues with the policy.
4. Connect the policy aims or gaps you have identified to the academic research that discusses family and community involvement and partnerships. Develop a brief argument or recommendation regarding the chosen policy.

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