Design a performance task for your content area. You may work alone or with a partner. The steps are outlined below:

Step 1: Decide which skills and learning targets you wish to assess as a result of the task. The skills and knowledge should be of high value. Ask yourself questions such as:

A. What cognitive skills do I want my students to develop (e.g. ability to write effectively, ability to analyze issues using reference materials, ability to use algebra to solve a real world problem)
B. What social and affective skills do I want them to access (work independently, work in groups)
C. What knowledge do I want them to apply ?

Step 2: Design a performance task that requires the students to demonstrate the skills and knowledge you have noted. The task should be interesting, challenging, and achievable. Consider the following:

A. How much time will it take students to develop the task? For our purposes here, let’s limit this timeline to no more than one week to complete. Choose a relatively modest performance task that is likely to hold the students’ interest and is limited in scope.
B. Does the task have intrinsic value and does to represent a realistic goal for students, given your learning targets?

Step 3: Develop a rubric for scoring the task that reflects the learning targets (knowledge and skills) that you wish to assess.

Your finished product should consist of three parts:

1. Learning Targets (skills and knowledge)
2. The Performance Task
3. The Rubric

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