This assignment is based on ASSESSING. There are 3 patient journey, choose one out of the three. Include a diagram to illustrate your assessment.
1) Coronary heart disease
2) Diabetes Or
3) Stroke patient.

Analised the principles guiding holistic assessment including A to E assessment. The pathophysiology common adult disorders through the lifespan and the clinical reasoning and decision making.

You must meet 4 learning outcomes in assignment
1) Apply comprehensive and systematic assessment for individual, within the field of adult nursing.
2) Apply knowledge and understanding of determinants of health, anatomy and physiology and the pathophysiology of common conditions in order to underpin the interpretation of the findings arising from assessment
3) Demonstrate comprehension of pathophysiology in relation to assessment of need and appropriate plan of care for common health concerns
4) Explore the nurses’s role in assessing heath risk and promoting heath and wellbeing.

Choose case study. It should be achieved by following the guidelines identified based on materials in the patient journey.
The essay will examine 3 area.
Pathophysiology of condition and risk factor 20% words
Assessment in acute episode of care e.g first 24 hours 45% words and the role of nurse in health promotion . One specific issue supported with appropriate evidence 20% words
Holistic view of patient brief 5% words.
All information to support you are downloaded. We are writing as a third person. Please we were told nit to use references which are more than 10 years old.

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