Layout pages with large quotes distinguished and cite your sources using the MLA (Modern Language Association) style for research papers: i.e. larger quotes should be distinguished from main body of text with deeper margins and no quotation marks. Use in-text page numbers or endnotes to cite sources.

Content and Subject Matter

Choose a group of concepts and ideas that we have discussed since October 8th or will be discussing in class on December 4th. The Jonathan Culler reading is posted for Oct 1 on Moodle, but we discussed it on the 8th. Develop a critical argument using sources from research and assigned reading from class. Set-up and respond to cited texts, integrating the concepts and ideas quoted as smoothly as possible into your argument.

Cite Your Sources!

1. At least two assigned essays from this class: three would be better

2. At least one source found from personal research related to the assigned readings: please do not use any blogs or unpublished texts for sources.

A Suggestion

First write your paper out as if writing for an in-class midterm. Next, type it up including the quoted texts that address your chosen concepts and ideas, then fine-tune the paper with a detailed understanding of grammatical problems. Please consult someone in writing services before printing or submitting your final paper.

Since critical thinking utilizes both verbal and written forms of communication, try to see your final paper in tandem with our class discussions. Please consider that the development of an argument is crucial. Your grade will depend upon your ability to explain your sources through paraphrasing, along with an accurate use of quoted text. 

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