This is for my Composition II class
The Real-Life Argument is actually two WP assignments, which can be turned in together or separately.  One assignment is to make an argument in real life to an actual audience, not a theoretical group but real people. This could be:
•    In the form of a letter to a politician or newspaper, or, alternatively, to a company in the form of praise or complaint. You must show how this argument was actually received.

•    If you are applying for a better job, a raise, a grant, or acceptance to a conference or program, your application is an argument.
•    A long posting on an internet forum. For example, you could argue on that Tony Romo is still a great QB. Post links to the argument.
•    There is an interesting site where people log on just to argue. A good place if your argument is a little “out there”. Create/Debate is a great site for those that have trouble identifying an audience for their argument. They let you argue anything and the audience finds you! Here’s an example:

WP 1

A short (3 – 4 page) reflective essay detailing the evolution of the argument, the sources you used to build it and a Toulmin argument map.

WP 2

Make your real-life argument and send me copies, links, or any other appropriate materials
the above is the Hw and i already told my prof that i will be arguing with my parents about buying a motorcycle to go to school and enjoy riding it since im studying abroad in the U.S.
for WP 2 u will need to do just E-mails between me and my parent it’s just like this simple: first Email from me to my parents asking them to buy a motorcycle and explaining how it will safe money for me instead of the car, and how it is fun and it is one of my dreams to own one. Than my parents will response by saying it is dangerous and not fun than other email from me trying to convince them again and finally last email from my parents saying that they Accept but i have to drive safely and wear the motorcycle gear

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