Essentially, this is what you need to do.

i) Write an extended 5-page introduction section (to include a literature review). To do this, review the attached paper, some of the references it cites and also look for papers that have been published on the topic since it was published in 2012.

ii) Read the three interviews and undertake a content analysis of the data to generate findings relating to the 3 purposes stated in the paper, namely (a) the
ways in which strength and conditioning coaches’ service delivery beliefs and practices had changed over their careers, (b) the information sources that had influenced their service delivery behaviours, and (c) how their service delivery–related emotions had evolved over time. This is your results section (5 pages)

iii) Write a discussion that i) communicates the key findings of you data ii) critically compares it to some of the research findings / literature reviewed in your introduction iii) considers the practical application of the data and iv) suggests future research directions This is your discussion section (5 pages)

iv) Write a conclusion that summarises the key messages from the paper (1 page)

v) Include a reference list

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