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In the industry (Healthcare industry) and analytics types(Evaluate physician performance), what kind of stakeholders might you expect to engage with in those capacities? Cast your net wide as you think about who these people might be and what their interests could be. As an analytics professional, what strategies are you going to use to influence them?
In this discussion, I will be looking for evidence that you are able to critically analyze and strategize around how you would interact with key stakeholders.**Please include :1.completing the basic requirement of answering the Discussion Forum questions from the reading materials.
2. adding your original thinking and perspective to go beyond the content of the reading materials.
3. citing other relevant examples from broader exploration or your own experience.
Here are some reading material link: Patty Azzarello, “Want a Competitive Advantage? Get Your Team to Make Faster DecisionsPreview the documentView in a new window,” Eremedia, July 31, 2015. (1 page) (Links to an external site.) Will Yackowicz, “How to Make Decisions More ConfidentlyPreview the documentView in a new window,” Inc., Nov. 10, 2015, (2 pp.) Keavan Hall, “Making the Matrix WorkPreview the documentView in a new window,” Training Journal, July 2013: 45-48 (4 pp.)
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