Subject Psychology

Topic     Anxiety In Children (additional for 7901695079)

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Level     University

Style      APA

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Language             English(U.S.)


4-1 Final Project Milestone Two: Draft of Methods and Results Sections

For this milestone, you will submit a draft of your methods and results sections, addressing critical element II in the Final Project Guidelines and Rubric document.


The methods section is a thorough description of the procedures you will use for your study. The main components are a description of the subjects; the methods for collecting data, including instrumentation and procedures to be used; and the method for analyzing data (the statistical analyses).


Another important component is a description of how the ethical treatment of the subjects will be ensured; this includes providing informed consent and debriefing after the study.


The purpose of the results section is to relate your research findings to your original hypotheses. Your obtained data are the basis for answering your research questions and describing patterns you discovered in the course of your research.


I have attached selected data sets from my professor.


You have to choose the one that pertains to the topic of this project, which most likely is Child and Adolescent Development.


You have to download the Excel version of the data set on the site. I have attached the file named select data sets for further instruction.


To complete this assignment, review the Milestone Two Guidelines and Rubric document.


Also read the final project rubric to know what will be expected in Milestone 3.


I have also attached Milestone 3 rubric, but you need not concern yourself with that part of project now because it is not due as of yet, but will be soon.


Milestone 2 is due next Sunday at 10pm EST, so you actually have 12 days to work on this part of project. Any questions, please text for fastest response.

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