The term project in this course counts for 80 points.  A main goal in ANT 112 is for each student in the course to gain awareness of and sensitivity toward alternative cultural systems and to effectively incorporate the “anthropological perspective” into his or her way of thinking about other people.  One way to work toward this goal is to examine in detail essential aspects of the “lifestyle” of another group of people.  You have three options for the term project:



  1. Write a detailed critical book review of a book recommended by the instructor.




OPTION C:  Book Review


Select a book that interests you from the “Approved Reading List” (in Course Documents) and prepare a book review as follows:


Carefully read the book you have chosen and write a 4-6 page (typed, double spaced) review explaining what you think the author(s) is/are trying to say in the book.  What is the book about?  What is the anthropological relevance of the book?  What do you think the author’s main purpose in writing the book was (aside from making money)?  Why do you think I put this book on the list for this class?


Your review should minimally include:


  • a brief overview of the contents of the book
  • a summary of the author’s main points that connect to anthropological material from class
  • your criticism, positive and/or negative of the ideas presented


** I expect you to also include comparative material from other books or sources of information you are familiar with.  Synthesize the information with what you have read in your text…discuss the connections between the book and what you have learned in class.  This is how you will be demonstrating knowledge of anthropological principles.  This can be done at your creative discretion within the summary or your critique depending on your book selection.



50% on your overview/summary

40% on the quality of your critique

10% on the quality of your written expression (syntax, grammar, style, citations, etc.)


Your personal analysis (positive and/or negative criticism) is a very important part (40%) of this assignment.  Do not, as some students in the past have done, just summarize your own thoughts in a small paragraph at the end.  Spend some time carefully analyzing what the author is saying, and then give me your considered thoughts on the matter.  Submission will be through the Turnitin link provided on Blackboard later in the quarter.

** ALL OPTIONS:  You must choose your option and submit it to me by Week 3.  You must also submit a progress report to me by Week 7.  These will be submitted through a Discussion Board


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