Paper instructions:

Analyze the anthropological film Jero: A Balinese Trance Seance made by Linda Connor, Patsy Asch and Timothy Asch. Choose two or three significant concepts covered in our readings and lectures to analyze the film (cultural relativism, visual imperialism). You will need to explore these concepts in a thorough manner, select your anthropological concepts to best serve your thesis statement and interest in the film.
Think about the approach to the subject matter. How do the filmmakers construct the culture they present? What is the significance of this film? Who is Jero and why is she featured in this film? What did you learn? What questions are raised by this film? What is left unanswered?
Do the filmmakers privilege their own culture or do they employ cultural relativism? Can you see how the shift in anthropology, from studying the “native” may have impacted the filmmakers approach Could they have been more effective in their approach? Describe how? What worked well and why? What are some ethical implications that you see raised in this film?
These questions serve as guideline for you but you should choose specific concepts that you find interesting to explore how ethnicity and culture are presented in this film.

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