On the midterm exam, you discussed two images separately and then compared and contrasted them in a separate section. Think of this final paper as

drawing those three parts together in one paper. You will still discuss each image separately and you will still have a separate section for your

The only differences here are:

1. You will have a unifying introduction and conclusion that draws your paper together.
2. You will use outside resources to support and enrich your information, etc.
Here is what your paper should look like
SIDEBAR I t d t.
TIPS For Discussing Individual Images n Fo “C Ion
Introduce the images
Develop a thesis statement; this tells the

CULTURAL ooNrrExrr: reader what the paper is going to be about.

what country? where was it made? e.g. As we will see lay examining these images, l3icasso and

What was going oh historically? Matisse share similar influences and some similar

ideas or philosophies ihiltiohoihg artists? approaches and yet their artistic goals and resultant

Social Or issues? Wol‘k Were Cllllte dlfferent.

Other artists/art movements influential? Just like
the Midterm!

Fully discuss first image in terms of its cultural

STYLE context and stylistic significance. (see sidebar)


Materials? Just like

Theme? What’s the work about? PART ii on

How does the artist use color? Shape? the Midterm;


Representational? Non Objective? Fully discuss second image in terms of its

(use relevant Vocabulary!) cultural context & stylistic significance. (sidebar)



I-llow did the cgntelct aflgeft Comparison the Midterm!

t e Sty e t at We ope ‘ Consider any relevant similarities and / or

differences in the artists’ beliefs and goals.
If the historical period is significantly similar or

RELATE TO THE SPECIFIC IMAGE! different, discuss that as well.

How does the image reflect the Consider basic formal differences: such as

Cont€Xt and SW13? Why is it 3 80051 mediums and materials used, color, shape, line,

example of its art movement? em

Conclusion; tie back into the thesis.
e.g. As we can see from this analysis, while Picasso and Matisse
were both influenced by Cezanne and African art, and while both
artists wanted to emphasize the 2-dimensional nature of the
canvas, their artistic goals led them to create very difierent
works of art.

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