In a clearly written, thesis-driven essay, analyze how an element or a particular scene in the film Ready Player One (2018) directed by Steven Spielberg, or an element or a particular chapter in the novel by Ernest Cline (2011) brings out an important theme or take-away message. Offer an interpretation of how specific moments in 1-3 scenes (or chapters) encourage us to consider a major issue or concern in a new way. Your task is to analyze (take apart and examine) how a particular character, setting, conversation, plot twist, the tone and style, or a significant symbol functions to emphasize and clarify an important issue. Analyze just the novel or just the film.

Alternatively, you may conduct a formal analysis of the film. (You’ll need some background in Film Studies to do this well – it has its own language.) Analyze the way its formal components – scene-setting, camera angles, close-ups, special effects, music, sound, etc.—combine to underline an important theme and impact us as a work of art. 



 DO NOT SUMMARIZE THE PLOT. Your analysis should open with a BRIEF synopsis of the story in not more than 1-5 sentences. Think “book jacket” or Fandango blurb. This information should be presented in the very opening lines of your essay, leading up to your thesis. Essays relying on plot summary earn a C or lower. Essays that merely re-tell the story and interpret it without evidence are not using the critical thinking that is at the core of analysis and the purpose of writing the essay. 


 MLA format, about (750-1000) words (3-4 pages). Anything you reviewed online to compose this essay must be listed on a separate Works Cited page, MLA Style. ANY plagiarism will be penalized.

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