You are required to write three distinct short research papers involving an analysis of a current macroeconomic topic since 2011. Often the best way is to look at current macroeconomic issues in The Economist, Newsweek, or another news magazine, or a newspaper such as The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, the Chicago Tribune or Economic journals from the WCC library. Once you have a particular topic in mind, you will be able to use Internet sources, use the WCC library resources, efficiently to find further information about your topic. It is especially important that you use economic analysis, concepts learned from text book to explain the topic in detail and do not merely describe the content of the articles!

Your papers must include:
• Title Page: Includes title, name, and date.
• Introduction: This section should explain why the topic is important, why you think the topic is worth researching.
• Economic Analysis: This section contains an in depth economic analysis of the article’s content using concepts from the text book.
• Conclusion: This section should contain a brief summary of the articles plus any discussion or comments that you may have on the topic and a conclusion that proves that the topic was worth researching.
• References: At the end, cite all sources used in your analysis including the source of your articles, any economics textbook you may have consulted, and any Internet sources. Minimum of three required.
• You will be graded on the quality of the paper, your adherence to both content and structure of the paper.
• The Paper should be at-least 4-6 pages in length (excluding cover page), you may add reasonably sized diagrams and tables to supplement your paper. Paper must be typed in 12 font sizes and double-spaced. APA or MLA format.
• Article: Attach a copy of your article(s) to the paper if possible.

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