1.If alpha were set to the unusual value of .08 what would be the magnitude of the critical Z for a one tailed test? what wouldbe the values for a two tailed test?
find the one and two tailed critical Z values for alpha = .03 and for .007
2. As alpha is made smaller (i,e 0.01 instead of 0.05) what happens to the size of the critical z?
as the calculated z gets bigger what happens to the corresponding p value?
3. consider a situation in which you have calculated the Z score for a group of participants and have obtained the unusually high value of 20. Which of the following statements must be true and which would be false? Why?
a. you must have made a calculation error because Z scores cannot get so high
b. the null hypothesis cannot be true
c. the null hypothesis can be rejected even if a very small alpha is used
d. the difference between the sample size mean and the hypothesized population mean must have been quite large
4. suppose the z score from the above involved the measurement of height for a group of men it M=69 inches and O=3 how can a group of men have a z score equal to 20. give a numerical example illustrating how this can occur

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