Aggregate Community Windshield Survey

The windshield survey assignment is due in Week 2. It is introduced in Week 1 to provide you with sufficient time to collect the required data. The assignment should be no more than 3 pages in length.



Windshield Surveys


With the use of public transportation or by driving a vehicle around the community, you can assess the common characteristics of the community of your selected aggregate. Key observations to make during a windshield survey include the following:


Age and condition of the homes in the community



Location and condition of parks and other recreational areas



Amount of space between homes and businesses



Neighborhood hangouts



Transportation in the community



Quality of streets and sidewalks



Types/numbers of stores and other businesses



People out in the community






Cleanliness of the community



Billboards or other media displays


Places of worship


Availability of services—doctor, dentist, social centers, recreation centers, hospitals

By the due date assigned, submit your proposal to your instructor for approval.

In addition to the data collected in the windshield survey, include the following information about your aggregate:


Name of the aggregate


Geographical location and size




A brief history


Explain, giving at least two reasons, why you selected this particular aggregate for your Capstone project.

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