Answer each question in 50 words or more.
Question 2: After reading “The History of Technology”, describe one technological development before WWII and one technological development after WWII.

Question 3: Consider the drug Thalidomide. What was its intended use? What were the problems with the drug? How serious were the consequences? In your opinion, do the benefits of the continued use of the drug outweigh the consequences?

Question 4: Read the Unabomber’s Manifesto. Choose one of the author’s arguments against technology and the potential solution he perceives. Then give your opinion of whether you think this point is valid and a reason for your decision.

Question5: An email is not the same as a letter sent by first class mail. In particular, it lacks the style of a letter. Assuming that this change is acceptable to most people, do you think we have lost something culturally by moving to a more abrupt style? Why or why not?

Question 6: The U.S. government has declared obesity in children to be a major national concern. One of the supposed culprits is technology use, based on the idea that the more time children spend with technology, the less time they spend in physical activity. At least one study (discussed in this chapter) has found the reverse to be true. Explain your stand on this, and cite at least one source to support your opinion.

Question 7: Medical Imaging Technologies – x rays, CTs, and MRIs – are not without their drawbacks. If you were advising a family member which technology to choose to provide an image of a broken limb, which would you choose? Why? Would your answer change if a physician suspected a lung tumor? Why

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