Advance Directive- Communication Of Healthcare Wishes

 Mary, a single, 20 year old who lives alone with her mother, has  recently learned about advance directives in her health information  legal class. The information she has obtained, has convinced her of the  benefits of executing an advance directive. Mary knows that her mother  does not have an advance directive and thinks that advance directives  are wrong. Her mother will not discuss with Mary's wishes for end of  life choices with her, she says its bad luck. Mary thinks that her  mother might be misinformed about the purpose and function of advance  directives and if she understood she would be more open to Mary having  an advance directive. 

  1. How should Mary go about deciding what type of advance directive is the best for her?
  2. Where should she begin to prepare such a document?
  3. How might she best educate her mother about advance directives?
  4. Should she urge her friends and other family members to create advance directives


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