Assignment 4

Essays I Your assignment must illustrate knowledge of the concepts through an original personal and/or professional integration of the assigned text material. This assignment MUST be typed, double-spaced, in APA style, and must be written at graduate level English. When relevant, culture specific and legal/ethical issues must be considered. Please integrate the material presented in the text into your discussion with proper citations following APA format.  

1. Why is it important to understand individual differences in the process of development in later life?  

2. What are two forms that “ageism” can take in terms of ways of thinking about older adults?  

3. How do biological theories of aging relate to sociocultural views of development?  

4. What do you believe are the most significant age-related changes in the body? Why are these so important?  

5. What areas of functioning are most in need of further research on aging?  What would be the theoretical implications of such research?  What would be the practical implications of the findings derived from this research?

  Your response to each question should be ½ – 1 page per question. Your assignment should be 4-5 pages total plus a title and reference page.  

Assignment Outcomes

Explore models of adult development

Analyze problems of cognition, memory and attention in adulthood

Identify the physical, emotional and mental health issues associated with aging

Distinguish factors that promote successful aging

Analyze evidence based developmental research

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