Adding specific securities to your portfolio:

You have already set up your NASDAQ portfolio in week 1; now it is time to focus in on adding securities to your portfolio.

1.    Review the information available to you in your NASDAQ Portfolio.

2.    Add $25,000 under "Cash Value"- clicking on the little edit pen icon in that box. It is highlighted in yellow in the screenshot at the end of this assignment.

3.    Purchase shares of Walmart. We will use Walmart in several locations throughout the class to evaluate a specific firm.

·         You will see the share price for Walmart after you have added it.  To calculate the number of shares you need to buy to get "$2500 worth", you would need to calculate the number of shares manually, adding it in the Number of Shares box (Noted in Yellow in the screenshot below.)

4. Review the text information on mutual funds in Chapter 4.

·         Purchase $2500 of an Income Fund

·         Purchase $2500 of a Growth Fund

5. After purchasing the funds, export a copy of your portfolio (using the "Download to Excel" in green at the bottom) and submit via the attachment link in Canvas.

6. Portfolio Report: Evaluate the information on your purchases from the information listed in your NASDAQ portfolio, including the analyst’s recommendation and analyst price target.  Given your readings to date, identify the main differences in investing in individual securities, and those of a mutual fund.    Lastly, you have invested in two types of funds. Explain the main differences in the objectives of the two funds you selected.

The screen shot below notes some of the necessary parts of the Nasdaq screen you will need to address. 


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