1. A process is sensitive to ambient temperature. Temperature has a near normal distribution with mean of 67 degrees and standard deviation of 2.5 degrees. Calculate the Z-score for a reading temperature of 61 degrees.mean of 67 degrees and standard deviation of 2.5 degrees.  Calculate the Z-score for a temperature reading of 61 degrees.

2. 50 Consumers were asked to rate at 'Poor', 'Average', or 'Good'. 24% of respondents rated the service as 'Poor'. This is an example of a binomial experiment.






3. he relationship between commercial airtime and an advertiser's profits is given by the least squares regression equation

               y = 2113.84x + 406.755

What is the predicted change in profits due to a 10 minute increase in airtime?10 minute increase in airtime?


4. An appropriate control chart for monitoring the accuracy or variation in a process is: 

5. A regression analysis The number of hits website is associated with company profitability. The coefficient of determination is calculated as r2 = 0.72. Interpret the meaning of this value of 0.72.


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