he paper should address group/artist where performance took place? did you like/dislike it, what did you like/dislike about it, what was performed what was the venue like, have you heard the artist/performer before. how did the performance differ, would you see it again, what were your expectation, etc?

Even the simplest artists start somewhere. Petesimple came from Houston Texas. It all started with Marching band and beatboxing, but not at the same time. Petesimple has been touring both in the United States and Overseas. As of late Pete has been staying close to home in H-town raising two cats and washing many many dishes. Finding time to take a moment towards their new album, Petesimple is in the studio with lots of musical ideas.

On first look at the Petesimple band we have simply Pete Lippincott singing his little-big heart out to the world. Just north of his acoustic guitar you’ll find a silky baritone voice rattling the melodious treble into your squeezable heart. Along with Sam Ortallono for an undercurrent of wonderbread bass playing. You know the kind that is always there in the breadbox and creates a solid foundation after time well minus the mold. That is right, Sam-O is a wonderbread brick as if he were with a cement filled bass line creating the soul of Petesimple. Another solid fixture is Richard Cholakian on Drums. In fact it really doesn’t matter where Rich keeps time you can’t stand not to listen to his bumping jazz infested beat making. Last but certainly not least the cream of the woodwinds, Mr. Kevin Needham blowing his sweet melodies driving a Cole Train-esk tide into your skull and exchanging licks with the awesome grassroots picker Wayne Wilkerson. Taking its cues from the Dave Matthews Band, with a pepper-pinch of Edwin McCain and the soliloque of songwritings child, a cross between Bob Schneider and Jason Mraz, Petesimple will make your ears ring with the pounding of joyous sweat that Rock Brings, but the Folk music atmosphere will train your soul to read the

it’s five guys they were playing the drums and the guitar.

you have to look up this band and put what they song, another thing it was at Town Center down town Sugarland Texas. It was about 200 people outside watching it. It was outside put more detail on the paper

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