Based on the history of 9/11 write a research paper that talk the topic of”How does terroism changed America and the world after the 9/11″ In your paper you need to focus on this topic and list the facts that how terroism changed it political/Economically/Socially. You can either discussing what were the historical remifications of the topic or an argument related to the topic.
1. Must have several Citations/Quotations in every body paragraph
2. At least 5 resources. Try to have a variety, such as
a. periodicals(newspapaers/magazines)
b.reputable online resources variety fine)
d.periodicals from the era of your topic(if possible)(archived accepted)
3.The paper defends an argument, proves a point, is neither a report nor a book summary; and is written in your own word.
*Please list all the facts/resources/citations/quotations that you found either online/hardcopy-if it is online provide a link would be awesome.(Make a works cited page)

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