Academic level: Masters
Type: Case study
Subject: Finance
Topic: Writer’s choice
Style: APA
Number of pages: 10 pages/double spaced (2750 words)
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You may select the company of your choice, but it is highly recommended you choose a large public corporation that is easy to research. Common choices include such companies as Apple, Ford, Wal-Mart, ExxonMobil, or GE.
1.Select a large public corporation as the subject of your research.
2.Conduct research on the company’s financial strengths, weaknesses, and risks.
a.Sources of research information might consist of (but are not limited to) annual financial reports published by the company, news articles and analyst opinions, interviews with management, and reputable internet sources that provide comparable industry financial information.
b.Recommended financial news and data sites include,,, and Extensive data and analysis is also available through Off-Campus Library Services.
i.For instance, detailed company profiles can be found for most large companies in the Business Source Complete database.
ii.From the library homepage (, under “Article Databases”, click on the word “Business”. On the next page click on “Business Source Complete”. You may be asked to login at this point, and should then be in the Business Source Complete database.
iii.At the top-center of the screen, look for the word “MORE”. Hover over the word and you will get a drop-down menu where you can choose Company Profiles. Click and you will be taken to a screen where you can search for a company.
c.A minimum of 8 unique research sources from reputable scholarly, news, or industry sources are required. The sources should represent an appropriately well-balanced variety of perspectives.
3.Construct a financial analysis case study of the company. The paper should be well-organized into logical sections, covering a spectrum of topics to support the final recommendation. These topics should include:
a.Brief overview of the company, its management, its history, and its product lines.
b.Environmental Factors: Brief discussion of any relevant domestic or international political, economic, social, environment, or technological factors which are significantly impacting financial results.
c.Evaluation of the company’s financial strengths and weaknesses, based on a ratio analysis of at least the last three years’ financial statements.
i.Consider key financial ratios for the company you have selected. Include a small table in your paper listing at least 10 key financial ratios for the company.
ii.These ratios are readily available from Internet sources for all large public corporations. Refer to Chapter 3 of your textbook as necessary to refresh your memory on financial ratios.
iii.Compare and contrast the key ratios you selected to at least two of the company’s main competitors. Show the ratios of these competitors side-by-side to the company you are researching in the table of ratios you have created.
iv.Identify areas of financial strength and weakness based on your analysis.
d.Evaluation of the company’s capital structure and financial risk.
i.Compare the company’s capital structure (use of debt and equity) relative to its main competitors. Discuss any advantages or disadvantages such a structure might afford the company.
ii.Discuss the characteristics of the company’s common stock, as well as any preferred stock or bonds. These characteristics could include the recent market performance of these financial instruments, differing classes of stock or special bond features, along with any public information about dividend history or policy.
iii.Locate the company’s Beta from a reputable financial news source, such as Yahoo Finance or Morningstar. Discuss the implications for the company of this Beta and evaluate it relative to the larger industry or the company’s main competitor.

iv.Locate or calculate the company’s Weighted Average Cost of Capital based on the information you have uncovered. A good source for this information is Discuss how this Weighted Average Cost of Capital would serve as a competitive advantage or disadvantage for the company.
v.Identify areas of financial risk facing the company based on your analysis.
e.Conclude your paper with a few thoughtful, actionable recommendations for company management to minimize weaknesses, mitigate risks, or more fully capitalize on strengths.
i.These recommendations must be well-grounded in and supported by your financial analysis.
ii.Include at least one Biblical reference that applies to this company’s circumstances that guided your recommendations.
4.You should consult at least the latest three full years of the company’s financial reports in order to prepare your analysis. These financial reports should be attached as an appendix to the completed paper.
5.The completed paper should consist of a minimum of 8-10 pages of content (not including cover, reference, and appendix pages).I have attached an example

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